Hair Care

Be good for your hair

Experience hair care on a professional and natural level. Good hair care brands should be accessible for everyone. It is very important to keep the hair in good condition or to bring it back in condition. It will make your hair stronger, smoother and prevent hair loss. Proper attention to the hair will reduce and prevent hair problems. Your hair is unique, so your routine should be too. In recent years, more products have come on the market that focus specifically on perfect and long-lasting beautiful hair. At Max Value you will find hair care of the highest level. Whether you are looking for a good shampoo, conditioner or hair mask brand, Max Value offers a wide selection of high-quality hair care products.

Exclusive distributor

Max Value is exclusive distributor of several fine qualitative hair care brands in The Netherlands. We only select the best. Only the best is good enough for us. With many years of experience and several periodic trainings we are pleased to advise you about products and advise you about the best hair care assortment for your store.

Hair Care Stock

We always ensure we have a large stock to deliver our fine and exclusive brands in a common time frame.


We support our retailers and e-tailers with every process from the order till the sales. We think it is very important to tell the story of the brand to the end-consumer.


Max Value has in house knowledge of branding, sales, marketing, retail and logistics.