Our main activities are distributing exclusive brands to the dutch market. We distribute a range of amazing brands to a wide client base including an increasing number of retail stores and fine boutiques looking to source luxury perfume, cosmetics and personal care products. 

In the last decade we have seen a significant growth and diversification of our customer base, which now encompasses high quality retailers and e-retailers spread around The Netherlands. We are always looking for improvement of our retail base, through which we can tell stories of amazing brands. 

Because Max Value sees itself as business partners with its retailers, with their success relying on theirs, Max Value works hard to ensure they can deliver them a selected range of exclusive brands and help them tell the story to the end consumer. Together with the brand we train and support our retailers to tell the unique story of every brand on the most professional way possible. As a team, together with our brands and stores we want to give the end consumer the best experience of the brand.

Our company consists of various specialized departments such as accountmanagement, sales, beauty-advisors, warehouse management, brand management and marketing. With these in house specialism and knowledge, Max Value ensures the path from selected brands to suitable points of sales with the right support for success.